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Music has always been present in life, from your mom’s heartbeats before you were born to the bird singing in the morning, from the sound of the ocean to the wind blowing, from the thunder to the rain falling.


Music has evolved in parallel with the world and been used in many different ways throughout human history, as a spiritual practice to put you in a trance, as a way to connect people together, as a ceremonial practice in many religions and belief systems, as a way to disconnect from life and dance, as a way to express ideas. It is used in films, in dance performances, for weddings, for birthdays, for celebrations. 


Music is there, all the time. We need it.


“Without music, life would be a mistake”  –  Friedrich Nietzsche


I believe that Music has a Magical power, and Parallel processing is a project that aims to bring magic to the world, and keep making music evolve in parallel with other forms of art.

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